Detroit Hoist has been manufacturing “time proven” quality wire rope hoists since 1905. Hoists are available to suit individual operating conditions and environments from standard indoor to outdoor to hazardous environments. A wide range of electric and air operated motors, control systems and rope reeving methods result in an enormous choice of capacities, hoist speeds and lifting heights.

Standard features:

- Hoists available in 5 Ton thru 40 Ton capacity
- Hoists are true vertical lift design so the hook remains centered under the hoist at all times.
- Mechanical load brakes to control, stop and hold the load independent of the motor brake
- Electronic upper and lower limit switches unaffected by wear as with mechanical switches
- Hoist and trolley motions controlled by frequency inverters for precise control
- Drop stops provided on all underhung trolleys


A new generation of exceptionally reliable electric wire rope hoists, featuring advanced technology and cutting-edge performance. An innovative design that includes a large drum diameter give the Spacemaster SX hoist the lowest headrooms and best wheel loads in the industry while providing near true vertical lift with single reeved hoists.


Standard features:

- Hoists are available from ½ tonne to 75 tonne capacity
- Hoists are available in both single and double reeved design
- Large hoist drum to rope diameter ratio of approximately 40:1 minimizes rope flex extending rope life
- Sealed dust-proof brakes on hoist and trolley motors require little adjustment over 1 million cycles
- Electro mechanical weight overload switch prevents hoisting loads in excess of 110% of rated capacity
- 2 speed thermally protected hoist motors give a high speed to low speed ratio of 6:1
- Trolley motors are frequency inverter controlled for 2 step or infinitely variable control


Demag DH wire rope hoists incorporate advanced electrical and mechanical engineering in many forms, including standard headroom, low headroom or double rail trolley units. Modular arrangements of motors, gearboxes, drums, rope-leadoff, reeving and drive controls provide the optimum solution. “Load Halt” devices which guard against dropping the load due to any failure in the gear train or braking system can be supplied with all units.


Manufactured in Canada, Gantron hoists are made from structural steel for maximum strength and years of reliable service. The hoist gearbox employs quiet running, helical gearing. The disc brake is rated at 250% of the motor torque. Gantron hoists are available in monorail and double girder top running designs. The simple design of the Gantron hoist allows for very easy maintenance.

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